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37 years of experience in the manufacture of dentures

During thirty-five years of operation, Dentes has become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of dental prostheses in Estonia, ISO quality management standards have been applied and production has been brought to a level recognized in Europe.

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This year marks the 37th anniversary of the founding of AS Erakliinik Dentes. We really hope that with the restoration of a beautiful smile, we have offered a lot of joy to both patients and our most important partners – dentists. Thank you!

Ropkamõisa peahoone2

Conference room in Tartu

On the second floor of Ropkamõisa Manor House there is a seminar hall for 50 to 70 listeners.

The hall is perfect for video conferences, trainings, seminars, lectures, practical presentations, meetings and festive events.


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Erakliinik Dentes AS

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Responsible employees of the dental lab

Dentes kroon

Viive Sarapuu


Dentes kroon

Riina Truija

Senior technician

Dentes kroon

Marianne Jänes

Senior technician